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Israel, the UFOs and the fundamental Christianity

* By Roland M. Horn

Once I was a fan of the fundamental Christianity, and I believed the UFO-demonic-these, which had been teached by the fundamental Christians. They said you do not have to employ yourself with the UFO-theme, because the UFO-phenomenon is caused by the devil and his demons. The fundamental authors J. Weldon and Z. Levitt are writing in their book UFOs und Okkultismus (German title):

"It's amazing, that almost all seventy weird powers and abilities, which in the bible mostly are attributed to the (most fallen) angels, can be found by the UFOs and their occupants, too."

They are quoting the UFO-Researcher John A. Keel from his book Operation Trojan Horse:

"The careless handling with UFO-occurrences can be even so dangerous like the handling with black magic. The phenomenon pulls credulous people in its ban. The result often is schizophrenia, demonic-mania (obsession), and even suicide. There are many cases as occupies. A superficial curiosity for the mysterious UFOs can turn over into a destructing mania. Because of this, I want too, recommend parents with emphasis, to forbid their children all handling with it. Teacher and other educators don't should stimulate the Teenager to interesting theirselves for this theme."

The Christianary-fundamentally authors Weldon and Levitt claim: "UFOs are real!" They try to undermine the demonic-these, by saying that often pilots are dying by the chasing of UFOs. The authors refer to the abductions and the Men in Black. Another evidence should be the connection of the "UFO-scene" to the "anti-christianary Esoteric". Many texts in the bible, which give a warning of Satan, who shifted himself to an angel of light, complete the book. Dr. Kurt Koch, a German parish priest, reports a case of abduction:

"A white woman was visiting Sizabantu. The preaching of Erlo and the other brothers hit their conscience. She decided to confess. (...) In the exchange of views she told, that her parents were spiritists. She has visited such spiritism seances in since her youth, too. 1972 in Africa and the south-west there where sighted many UFOs. At such a place, the reporting woman had an curious event. Her wish was since many years to come into a connection with the ufonauts. This wish should be satisfied in an uninspected way. One night she sensed a whirlwind, like a helicopter flying abover her head. She has been taken out of her house. She does not know how this has happened. It was a mystery for her. She asked herself, if this could be an excursion of her soul. This almost spiritism practices were not even well known for her, but she had practiced them by herself. Inside of the UFO, she saw beings like roboters. They examined her body with many instruments. That whole procedure occurred without any pain. One of the robots said: 'You aren't developed complete, cause you have still pain. We are far ahead of you.'

The conversation occurred telepathically. The language of the woman has not been used. Before they had been brought back to their house, the robots explained: 'You can ask for something. Beg what you want. We want to give it to you. God will not answer your prayers. However, we can give fulfillment to you. The woman answered: 'I want to be married happily.' The UFO-occupants replied: 'You beg such slight, nothing, what is much greater? You may ask for more.' After the instruments had been taken off, a robot brought the woman back to her house. She still was not free of pain. A short time later, the robot was coming again and said: "We've forgotten an instrument." He dismantled it and vanished. Because the pain did not ease, the woman inspected, why her leg was aching. Therefore, she discovered a large blue spot, where previously the instruments have been put up. The spot remained blue for several days. The UFO-occupants kept their word. She got a chance to marry. However, the marriage has not been happy."

Like Weldon and Lewitt, Koch is seeing coherences between UFOs and occultism.

It is interesting to note, that the South-Africans think, the UFOs are ghosts, in accordance with her own religion - ghost of their ancestors. After Koch's missionary activities some of the South African had began to believe, that those ghosts are demons from hell. In fact, many UFO-sighings are accompanied by paranormal phenomenons, but coherences between UFOs and occultism or "anti-christianary factors" are really rare. However, bible-fundamentalists often are treating metaphysic and occultism as equivalent. However, there is a great difference between metaphysical phenomenons (for example Telepathy) and "demonic activities". In most UFO-cases, the Aliens do not philosophize about god. It is too bad, that the bible-fundamentalist are working so selective. However, there is another interesting alternative. Wim Malgo, before his death leader of the german bible-fundamentally organization "Missionswerk Mitternachtsruf" quote from popular ufo-books and reports about the sighting of the pilot Thomas Mantell. Later Malgo write:

"What is more, that fact, that the UFOs are appearing multiply in the wars in middle-east, is indisputable, a press release from Cape May, which however is draft a little ironical, say: 'God and his UFOs, navigated by angle-pilots, should have helped Israel in the four wars of 1947/48, 1956, 1967 and 1973 to win against the Arabics. Those for military expert’s odd statement had been given by Robert Barry, the chief of the UFO-bureau of a radio station in Yoe (Pennsylvania) in a talk with the title The invisibleness of Israel and the UFOs. In each of the israelian-arabic war, so Barry said, UFOs had been sighted in the air, which accomplish really wonders for the Israelis. He remind for example to those thousand Egypt soldiers, which have capitulated to their enemies, since they saw themselves attacked by hundred of armours. For Barry this is no wonder, so in the evangelism of Lucas he is speking of horrible objects in the air. So he has not feared at Israel: Israel is the state of god, and god will provide for it in any way."

I have read a lot of Israel-literature, fundamentally und non-fundamentalistic one. There has nothing been written about UFO-sightings during the wars in Middle East. If we add worldwide UFO-sightings, we can see conformities with any fantasy. In 1947 there where a UFO-sightings-wave, while the Arabics struggled against the Israelis (The state Israel was not founded at this time.) However, the sighings took place in America and not in Eretz Israel. The most of it would report any days after the well-known sighting of Kenneth Arnold. There where another UFO-sightings-wave in 1954, the next war in Middle East took place in 1956. The next classical wave happened in 1965, and the Seven-Days-War in Middle East took place in 1967. (In some sources we read about UFO-waves in the years 1962 and 1968). 1967 the Israelis had conquered East-Jerusalem and Wim Malgo concluded: "This is the beginning of the end of time!" The next UFO-Flap took place in the year 1973. A statistic, which was publicized in 1997, however says that a humanoid-sightings-flap took place in 1968; one year after the Seven-Days-war, and the next humanoids-sightings-wave took place in 1973. Since 1973, there has not been a war in the Middle East anymore - and never it would be reported about such an amount of UFO-sightings. A little time before the change to the 20th Century, there was the actually first UFO-wave in the year 1997 - while Theodor Herzl was proclaiming the first Zionistic world-congress.

1996, when the hearings of peace in Middle East were coming to a dead point, there was a UFO-flap in Israel. The german UFO-researcher Michael Hesemann was investigating at that time in Israel, and the Israeli journalist Barry Chamish was investigating, too. He has written a very good book about those sightings: Return of the giants (Blue Star Productions, Sunlakes, Arizona 2000). Chamish has (beside other interesting cases and facts) reported about abduction cases in Israel in the 90th decade of the 20th century, and the must public of this cases took place in 1996, and even the german newspaper BILD was reporting about it. The Israeli embassy in Germany don't know anything about of UFOs in Israel (I've asked them any years before 1996), a female friend of mine, which was spending any years in Israel, also don't knew anything about it. Israeli UFO-groups do not answer me and a new request to the Israeli foreign lead to a negativ answering. It is interesting, that there were in fact local UFO-Flaps in 1967. Those and sighting-reports of humanoids too, are reported even in John Keels Operation Trojan Horse. The best-known Flap took place in 1966/67 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The strangers made prophecies, and much of some concerned the Middle East. Meanwhile the "Mothman", a large birdlike beeing, has been wachted several times. Jacques Valleé writes in Passport to magonia, that 1967 would have been reported a lot of UFO-landings.

Wim Malgo and his fundamentally friends say, that UFO-sightings are activities of demons, who are demonstrating in the airspace against the soon Return of Jesus Christ.

In the fundamentally groups, where I was active once, there were seen much UFOs, too. A leader of such a group and his grown up daughter has seen a UFO in the night together. They made a sketch of it and called the airport. However, the airport did not know anything about this. I did not investigate as we have heard that a "good believer into Christ" does not employ himself with such demonic thesis. But why are these "demonic UFOs" showing themselves to "save people by Christ", which the devil has lost anyway? In another Christianity-fundamentally group, where I was active, the leader and his wife had seen a fleet of UFOs, and a former member of his biblical youth group has seen several times goblins jumping on a pile of dung.

The high significance, which the Christianary fundamentalists or evangelist are attributing to the appearing of UFOs is interesting - independend of the eventually interpretation of the phenomenon in such a direction. Even more interesting are the astonishing parallels between the appearing of UFOs and occurrences around the state Israel. Are they just chances? Or is there a - up to now unknown - coherence?

Israel, die UFOs und das fundamentale Christentum